The Smart Pineapple :

Hi everybody, time for another question of arts. I was just wondering how you can paint Van Gogh style in a way. It seems really hard to accomplish one painting with the Van Gogh style because I realized that when Van Gogh painted “Starry Night”, “Sunflowers”, and “Red Vineyard, there were many lines on his painting, how does he does it and please don’t say anything like a fairy painted for him or he was a magical wizard. Please and thanks a million for the people that answered properly.
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Candy S. :

I am doing a self portrait – in acrylics. I am copying the style of Van Gogh’s own self portrait, “Bandaged Ear” and I need some tips.

I am not painting in oil as he did so other than using oils what can I do? I want my portrait to look as if it is a partner to Van Gogh’s own piece, as if they were meant to be a pair.

I need advice on mixing colors, painting strokes, texture, lighting, etc…. anything would be helpful. Thanks!
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bigbiggs19 :

I am trying to sell 2 oil on canvas paintings by the infamous Vincent Van Gogh. The name of the painting are “Old Pleasant (Patience Escalier)”, and “Oleanders”. I also have a painting by Raoul Dufy named “Chamber Music”, and a painting by Auguste Renoir named The Mosque at Algiers. All of them are in frames and in good condition. Does anyone know where I would be able to sell these paintings??
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I’m not exactly sure if it is a original piece or a reproduction.

Dean :

what is Van Gogh’s painting style?

rubydoo :

It is on display at the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam?

anomaly369 :

When the letters for the words “baby van gogh” appear in the beginning of the Baby Einstein Bay Van Gogh video, after the dancing cacti, what is the name of that composition? It’s classical music, and shows up in a lot of commercials as well. You can YouTube “Baby Van Gogh” and watch part 1 for it.

Maddie N :

what expressive language would you use to describe the qualities ( tranquil, realistic, abstract, bold?)
what message are communicated through the work? how does the work relate to other ideas or events in the world?

please help its for my assignment on van gogh starry night.

Isabella :

I have recently found an article hinting the theory that Vincent Van Gogh suffered from Bi-Polar Disorder through his painting “The Starry Night” How does the painting relate to the disorder in the first place? I have been hunting for an an explanation or possible answer for this theory brought up by historians. Is there anyone that has any idea why this was believed?


it is when the guide is talk about how amazing an artist van gogh is and he starts crying, there is a song playing in the background and i really want to know what it is.

katherineartistgirl :

I’ve been trying to find an artist who paints in the post-Impressionist style of Van Gogh. The artist (who I believe is Chinese) has a particular Chinese-esque scroll painting that he actually entitles the work after Gogh. Does anyone know this artist?
Thank you.
Have it ! Thank you!

What are some stylistic qualities of Van Gogh’s Paintings?

: What are some stylistic qualities of Van Gogh’s Paintings?

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Would the world have been better off if Van Gogh were treated for depression and didn’t committ suicide?

mouthbreather77 : What if Van Gogh didn’t paint and took anti-depressants and other psychotropic drugs? Would his art have suffered? Would he have committed suicide anyways? Is this an impossible question? Is this a stupid question? Is this an interesting question? Or is it like asking what if Hitler [...]

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